office cleaners

We understand how owning and running a business isn’t easy, and we believe that business owners need to focus on forward strategy and growing their business, not on cleaning their own work-space. Let us remove that stress from you. If you aren’t happy with your current cleaner, talk to us. We believe in transparency and honest communication. Tell us what is important to you and what your standards are, and we will exceed them.
We’ll ensure your business looks clean and professional for whatever the use.

Servicing a range of commercial businesses

Real Cleaning Solutions service all types of commercial spaces in Melbourne city and surrounding suburbs. Below are some of the many industries we cater to.

• Gyms
• Studios
• Offices
• Cinemas
• Night clubs
• Bars
• Restaurants
• Cafes

As the industries we services are varied, so are the services required. As for the basics, we disinfect bathrooms, vacuum and mop floors, dust, change bins, clean mirrors, windows, desks, kitchenettes and other surfaces. We know that every workspace is different and are very flexible with the service we provide. Whatever commercial space you are in, we are your reliable, trust-worthy cleaners. Contact the Real Cleaning Solutions team for a bespoke and competitive quote today.